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Min. Professional Organizer

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What do I organize?

Practically anything! From closets and drawers to cupboards and shelves, to entire rooms and homes.

It’s easy for your home to fill up with things, and before you know it you have piles of stuff everywhere. Your personal spaces should be easy for you to navigate so you’re not wasting time looking for things (or buying new things to replace things you can’t find). That’s where I come in.

The Process:

Pull - Pull all items out of the space (it gets worse before it gets better).

Purge - Purge all unwanted items.

Prioritize - Prioritize the items that are truly useful to the space.

Place - Place items in their final "homes" with any appropriately added organization products.

The Me behind Min.

Hi, I'm Julie! I've ALWAYS loved organizing, although I didn't realize it could be a career until recently.


I’ve had many different types of jobs, from performing at Walt Disney World®, to teaching preschool, to managing an online retail business, assisting a CPA, and finally marketing for a music venue. My favorite thing about all of these jobs was the organization aspect. Scheduling, planning, sorting, classifying, researching… making connections, that “Ah-ha” moment when something just makes sense and comes together; is complete… I live for it. 


Combining my passion for organizing with my desire to help people, I decided to make organizing for others my full-time job after staying home with my two children for the first few years of motherhood.


All hands-on organizing rates include in-home working hours, recommending and shopping for organization products & supplies and

handling any returns, creating systems tailored to meet your goals, coordinating trash disposal & donation items, as well as contacting & arranging appointments with any other needed service providers.





A complementary 15-30min. "get to know each other" phone consultation is available. To schedule, fill out our contact card below. If video call is possible, a FaceTime call or Zoom link will be provided.

In-home consultations can last 30-60min. and cost $25.

An in-person organizing Session is one 3-hour block of time which can be purchased for $300. Full payment is made to schedule Sessions for commitment from client and organizer.

A custom quote will be made for organizing one specific room or space at a time.

Book multiple Sessions at the following discounted rates:

4 Sessions (12hrs) - $1,080 (10% off)

8 Sessions (24hrs) - $2,040 (15% off)

12 Session (36hrs) - $2,880 (20% off)

Purchasing packages of multiple sessions is preferred for larger projects such as the organizing of an entire home. 

“Julie has an impeccable skill at organizing items and minimizing clutter… She turned my hallway closet into a space that is logically organized and beautiful to look at. It went from a space I hid now to a space I love to open and show off! Even a year after her services I have been able to keep it organized in the same way  - which is a reflection of how well she understands the needs of a home and creates a logical and functional organization of a storage space.  She was also able to help me get rid of things that had been sitting in that closet for years that I truly no longer needed - but she never forced me to get rid of anything, she simply helped guide me to coming to that decision on my own. I am so grateful for her services and can't thank her enough!”

- Erin

Contact Card

How ready are you to commit to this change?

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Service areas include San Jose and surrounding cities. Inquire about your location here.

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